The persistent problem.

Researchers having to navigate a complex technical landscape with the institution’s IT department to establish a secure, compliant data environment before their study can be launched.

The result? Too many barriers to discovery.

  • Researchers forced to become IT experts
  • Too many grant dollars consumed by security and compliance issues
  • Research stalled, waiting for data environment set up
  • Institutional exposure to data breaches
  • Institutional IT teams stretched thin

Why Kestrel?

We encountered multiple researchers struggling to solve this same problem, again and again, study after study. We felt their frustration, so we designed and built Kestrel; A turn-key, cloud based data environment that allows researchers to quickly, securely, and compliantly store and access their study data.

Ability to Launch Studies Faster

Pursue research discoveries with zero energy or time wasted on solving the dev, devops, infotech security, and compliance puzzles.

Security Guaranteed for Entire Life Cycle

Secure handling of data from the point of collection, to storage in the cloud, and back again for analysis & reporting – for as long as the application is in use.

Compliance Boxes Checked





Empowering Researchers.

Kestrel’s turn-key data environment enables researcher to use a growing variety of data collection devices, methodologies and sources. It meets all HIPAA and other NIH compliance requirements, and can be quickly set up to seamlessly work with these data sources. Giving researchers creative freedom when designing their study.

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Empowering Research Velocity.

The Kestrel data environment’s 48 hour set up drastically reduces the time, effort, frustration, and cost of existing solutions. With this need addressed, researchers can devote their time and grant funding on the app, research, and analysis.

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Ave. days for data environment set up
Allocation of Grant Resources

One powerful solution

We take care of everything by providing a fully managed compliant, secure, dedicated cloud environment with 24×7 monitoring, maintenance & incident response. This frees researchers to focus on the front-end application and their research.

Kestrel Platform Cloud Environment:
Database, API, Back-end, IT, and Hosting

Front-end Design and Development:
NewFoundry, you, or another firm

Three easy steps from idea to launch



Free 1 hour session

Free consult to scope the study’s cloud storage and functional requirements.



Within 48 hours

Deploy a dedicated cloud environment that fits the study’s requirements.



Starting at $500/month

Cost is based on the cloud storage and functional requirements of the study.

Kestrel works well with other platforms.

We developed Kestrel to seamlessly integrate with any front end platform as well as popular platforms that researchers prefer for analyzing study data.

Testimonials from Kestrel users

Dr. Jessica Mellinger

Michigan Medicine

“Using Kestrel gave me the freedom to focus on my research, because the platform has taken care of all of the HIPPA and PHI compliance issues.”

Dr. Amir Ghaferi

Michigan Medicine

“Kestrel is so turn-key, once I made the decision to use the platform, I did not have to worry about any IT, security, or compliance issues. All my efforts were directed to my research.”

Dr. Mark Cohen

Michigan Medicine

“Kestrel provides an excellent platform to obtain, retain and manage data in a secure, compliant and confidential environment.”

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