Kestrel removes the technical barriers standing between medical researchers and discovery with a cloud-based, fully managed EDC (electronic data capture) platform.

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Kestrel can be deployed within 48 hours and is designed to work with the growing array of data capture devices and methods; mobile apps, wearables, kiosks, BLE devices, monitors.  Kestrel is powering research studies at the University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine, with much faster setup times, maximizing the impact of grant money, and accelerating their ability to secure more grants.

Why Kestrel Medical

Pursue research and advancements in care with zero energy or time wasted on solving the DevOps, infotech security, and compliance puzzles.

We discovered a persistent problem while working with researchers and clinicians at the University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine. Each new study required an exhaustive, time-consuming process to set up a secure, HIPAA-compliant data environment. On average, set-up can take up to 90 days and requires the researcher to invest time and energy into IT issues. So we developed Kestrel, a turn-key data environment that can be deployed in 48 hours.

Researchers were also frustrated by the challenges of easily incorporating some of the new data collecting devices into their studies; smartphone apps, wearable devices like smartwatches, BLE devices, and kiosks.  Kestrel was designed to easily link to any data source the researcher would like to use, freeing them to collect participant data in more creative and inventive ways.


deploy in 48 hours

A dedicated, HIPPA compliant cloud-based data environment, with 24/7 monitoring and reporting, deployed in 48 hours.


guaranteed for the entire life cycle

Secure handling of data from the point of collection, to storage in the cloud, and back again for analysis & reporting – for as long as the application is in use.


boxes checked

HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, CCPA, and WCAG/ADA coverage without worry.

Don’t have an app yet? No problem.

Kestrel Services provides expert end-to-end design, development, and deployment in as little as 4 weeks.

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Kestrel Success Story

Michigan Medicine:
Michigan Alcohol Improvement Network

The MAIN app helps hepatology clinic patients understand the risks of alcohol use and get personalized alcohol addiction treatment recommendations based on their personal preferences, lifestyle, and budgetary constraints.


“Using Kestrel gave me the freedom to focus on my research, because the platform has taken care of all of the HIPPA and PHI compliance issues.”
— Dr. Jessica Mellinger, Michigan Medicine


Kestrel MAIN
About the Platform

Three core components in one powerful solution.

  • A dedicated, secure EDC platform provisioned per-institution
  • Flexible API for mobile collection and ability to download data to a range of analytic tools
  • Fully managed with 24×7 monitoring, maintenance & support

Kestrel Medical Chart

Securely handle the most common research tasks

Kestrel Site

Kestrel Web

Study data capture platform for web featuring:
• No downtime
• Minimal attack surface

Kestrel Kiosk

Kestrel Mobile

Location data capture for web and mobile featuring:
• Participant validation
• Data parsing by study location

Kestrel Study

Kestrel Study

HIPAA-compliant data capture for long-term studies:
• Securely captures & reports PHI
• Manages participant notifications
• Participant login

Kestrel Success Story

Michigan Medicine:
My Weight Loss Journey

A powerful and intuitive iOS and Android mobile application to allow clinicians to lower risk, drop the rate of readmission, educate patients, shape positive behavior, and guide physicians on topics to address at follow-up appointments based on patient survey responses.

“Kestrel is so turn-key, once I made the decision to use the platform, I did not have to worry about any IT, security, or compliance issues. All my efforts were directed to my research.”
— Dr. Amir Ghaferi, Michigan Medicine
Kestrel MWLJ
Kestrel Leadership Team
Richard Chang

Richard Chang
Chief Executive Officer

Kyle Feliks

Kyle Feliks
Chief Product Officer

Chris Myers

Chris Myers
Chief Technology Officer

Peter Schork

Peter Schork
Board Chair

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Launch in 3 easy steps

  • Consultation to determine cloud storage and functional requirements.
  • Deployment of a dedicated cloud environment tailored to the study.
  • Operation starting at $500/month, based on cloud storage requirements.

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